Al-Jazeera channel's attempts to tarnish Bahrain's reputation condemned

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Manama, Mar. 8 (BNA): The Shura Council’s Committee of Foreign Affairs, Defence and National Security, chaired by Yousef bin Ahmed Al Ghatam, condemned the repeated attempts of Al-Jazeera channel to tarnish the reputation of the Kingdom of Bahrain and unity of its people by broadcasting false media reports that lack credibility and professionalism. It stressed that the misleading information included in those reports aim to undermine Bahrain’s achievements in the field of human rights and promotion of justice.


In a statement the committee stressed that Al-Jazeera channel is following a hostile approach against the Kingdom of Bahrain and is working on disclosing systematic reports and news to incite sedition and undermine social cohesion in Bahrain. It asserted that the channel is adopting an unprofessional approach and deliberately trying to shake unity between people and their leaders so as to wreak intentional havoc and sabotage.


The committee indicated that the report broadcast by Al-Jazeera channel on March 7 contained fallacies and false information. It stressed that the Kingdom of Bahrain is considered an oasis of peace and stability and a model of commitment to the values and principles of human rights. It noted that the kingdom’s honorable human rights record debunks the suspicious reports broadcast by Al-Jazeera channel as part of subversive political agendas.


The committee affirmed strong condemnation and rejection of all attempts to encroach on the kingdom’s sovereignty through blatant interference in its internal affairs.