Information Minister: Qatar must adhere to GCC Health Ministers' decisions

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Manama, Mar. 29 (BNA): Information Minister Ali bin Mohammed Al Romaihi has asserted that the GCC Health Ministers underscored in their meeting the existence of tough preventative measures concerning movement between the GCC countries which Qatar did not adhere to by exploiting the exceptional circumstance undergone by the world as a political and media card.


In a brief statement to “ a Conscious Society” programme, broadcast by Bahrain TV, the Information Minister stressed that taking advantage of the exceptional circumstances undergone by the world for political ends that are alien to our societies is no strange to the Qatari mass media. He added bringing a group of people from Iran to Qatar and, then, the Sultanate of Oman without the knowledge of any competent authority raises many question marks.


The Information Minister pointed out that the discontent of many Qatari nationals in many countries in the world with not allowing them to return to Qatar is evidence that the current circumstance requires many preventative measures and medical preparations that are being made by the Kingdom of Bahrain in a well-studied way and in cooperation with the relevant parties.


The Information Minister affirmed that it is unacceptable from a humanitarian perspective to exploit this issue by the Qatari mass media.