Bahrain voters head to polls on Saturday

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Manama, Nov. 11 (BNA): Bahraini voters will heads to the polling stations on Saturday to elect the members of the Council of Representatives for the sixth Legislative Term, as well as municipal councilors, amid fierce competition among candidates in all electoral constituencies.


Legislation and Legal Opinion President, 2022 Elections Executive Director, Chancellor Nawaf Abdulla Hamza, said that all organisational preparations have been completed, under full judicial supervision, to receive citizens at the polling stations to cast their votes and choose their parliamentary and municipal representatives.


344,713 eligible Bahraini voters will choose their representatives, including 40 members of the Council of Representatives and 30 members of municipal councils, out of 507 candidates according to the final lists.


These elections are witnessing a wide participation of Bahraini women, as the number of female candidates has doubled in the parliamentary and municipal elections compared to the previous elections, reaching a total of 94.


Bahraini youth also play an important role in this year’s parliamentary and municipal elections, whether candidates or voters.


During the electoral campaigning period, voters visited the electoral tents of candidates, including independent ones and representatives of political societies, to be informed about their programmes, which focused mainly on economic and national issues.


Judges of the Higher Committee to oversee the integrity of the elections have announced the participation of 11 civil society organisations in monitoring the parliamentary and municipal elections, noting that the number of monitors has reached 449.


It is worth noting that Bahraini voters residing abroad started casting their ballots last Tuesday, with the figures showing a higher voter turn-out compared to those of the previous elections.