BIPD launches online political awareness programme

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Manama, Mar. 28 (BNA): The Bahrain Institute for Political Development (BIPD) has announced the launch of its new electronic programme.


Themed “Political Awareness”, the programme features a serious of free online lectures, and uses information technology to communicate with the public to avoid gatherings, in line with the precautionary and preventive measures adopted by the kingdom to combat novel coronavirus (COVID-19) and curb its spread.


The move is in line with BIPD’s keenness to continue performing its role in enhancing the society’s political development under various circumstances.


BIPD’s Executive Director, Eman Janahi, said that the programme is in accordance with the current trend to invest in Bahrain’s leading technological infrastructure to carry on achievements across various sectors, noting that BIPD is keen to continue its efforts and initiatives aimed at rehabilitating the citizens for political participation, in accordance with the provisions of the constitution and the National Action Charter.


She stressed that the extraordinary circumstances the kingdom and the world are going through require everyone to join hands, cooperate and adhere to the values of belonging and loyalty to the nation to be able to overcome the current situation, noting that the programme aims to strengthen the values of citizenship, tolerance and peaceful co-existence, which,  she said, reflects the government’s management of the current crisis and its attempt to contain it, through giving top priority to the interests of the citizens in all the adopted measures.


She called on the public to register for the programme freely on BIPD’s website,, adding that all lectures will be delivered by distinguished Bahraini media persons and academics via the live broadcast technology using the Zoom programme, which provides high quality video communication that allows effective communication between the lecturer and the audience.