Bahrain’s election process guarantees fairness

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By Nayla Barakat


Manama, Sept. 16 (BNA): With the opening process for receiving changes and redressal of any complaints in the electoral rolls, the Kingdom of Bahrain is one step closer to holding fair, free, and impartial elections for the sixth legislature term of Council of Representatives on November 12, 2022.

In formally announcing the kick start for the election process, Nawaf bin Mohammed Al Muawda the Minister of Justice, Islamic Affairs and Endowments and High Committee Chairman, he clearly showed how it provides multiple options for voters to verify the inclusion of their names in the lists, citing the website, which operates round the clock, and the Call Centre, in addition to the Supervisory Committees.

There will be 40 stations and 15 general stations for polling days.

The High Committee of Elections in coordination with the Ministry of Health have also announced special and designated areas for the voters or candidates diagnosed with COVID-19.

“Effective September 15, citizens have been able to either visit the designated places or check their status in the electoral rolls and subsequently submit changes or redressal of complaints in the lists,” the minister told a press conference on the elections.

As part of keeping the electioneering process smooth and objective, four supervisory committees are receiving the voters who wish to verify the inclusion of their names in the lists and the final lists will be ready by Wednesday September 21, 2022.

The Minister along with Nawaf Abdulla Hamza, Chairman of High Committee for Elections said the election process was a culmination of the vision of His Majesty the King that paved the way for holding the first parliamentary elections in the Kingdom in 2002.

“The Kingdom of Bahrain is capable and has the capacity to hold credible elections under the direct supervision of the judiciary and the participation of the civil society,” the minister said.

 Nawaf Abdullah Hamza  said that the strategy is in place to uphold the integrity and objectivity of the upcoming elections in the Kingdom through a multi-layered system of supervision and foolproof voting process during the elections.