Prisoners and Detainees Rights Commission hails opening of clinic for reform centres inmates

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Manama, Sept. 19 (BNA): The Prisoners and Detainees Rights Commission commended the opening of the medical clinic to provide health services for the inmates at the reform and rehabilitation centres. The clinic was inaugurated by President of the Supreme Council of Health, Lieutenant General Dr. Shaikh Mohammed bin Abdullah Al Khalifa, and Minister of Health, Dr. Jalila Al-Sayed.

The commission affirmed the importance of the event, noting that the clinic will be subject to the public hospitals which provide comprehensive health services. It added that the procedure aims to ensure continuous provision of comprehensive health care to the inmates around the clock. It noted that the step is part of the efforts made by the relevant government bodies, including the Interior Ministry, the Ministry of Health and the independent monitoring institutions, to provide the needed living and health care to the inmates.   


The Prisoners and Detainees Rights Commission previously recommended in several reports that the Health Ministry, in coordination with the management of the place, undertake the provision of health care to the inmates with the establishment of a new building for the clinic in the center and the increase of the medical staff working in it.


The opening of the new clinic is also part of a series of programmes and projects implemented by the General Directorate of Reform and Rehabilitation at the Ministry of Interior and the Directorate of the Reform and Rehabilitation Center, under the directives of the Minister of Interior, the Undersecretary of the ministry, and the relevant departments, to improve and develop the services provided to the inmates.