Export Bahrain supports Chocolate & Co’s expansion into new markets

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Manama, Jan. 11 (BNA): In accordance with years of diligent commitment and collaboration to comprehend their clientele, Export Bahrain reaffirms its unwavering support for Chocolate & Co., a factory that offers a quality selection of exquisite chocolate and confectionary sweets for all occasions, in its objectives to expand locally and regionally.


The factory has been producing over 900 types of chocolate for over 15 years; it was founded in 2008 to be a luxury chocolate factory.


The raw materials are imported from Belgium and then manufactured in Bahrain to fulfill demands within the country, the GCC, and even the Indian subcontinent, with a production capacity that reaches 5000 tons per year.


Since its inception, the factory has produced around 75% of the local market's demands, achieving a total value of $25 million in exports, with 10% of which going to GCC markets, primarily to the Saudi market by a remarkable rate of 80%.


Export Bahrain has always strived to optimize the benefits given to Bahrain-based businesses and enhance national exports by providing a comprehensive array of services and solutions.


As such, Chocolate & Co. was able to expand its business into the South Asian market through the Maldives and other markets around the globe, such as India, Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom, accomplishing one of its main objectives of reaching a larger customer database on a regional scale.


Chocolate & Co. was also able to highlight its brand through Export Bahrain’s International Retail Buyer Initiative, in which its products were displayed on the retail shelves of local and international stores.


The support provided by Export Bahrain will aid in increasing the production capacity of the factory in the upcoming three years by 100%, in addition to an export increase of 50% from the production within four years.


The factory was able to expand its scope on all levels, achieving an increase in productivity and demand, and as such, the factory has doubled its size to 2,500 square meters, which contributed to an increase in the number of employees to 64 in total, 28% of which being locals.


Export Bahrain Chief Executive Officer   Safa Sharif Abdulkhaliq confirmed the importance of the industrial sector in the Kingdom and its effective role in the development of the economy, creating a positive impact by boosting local production, helping in creating more job opportunities for Bahraini talents.


"We are committed to supporting the Chocolate & Co. factory, as we have witnessed its success and the increase of its production and export rates," she said.


"Export Bahrain will continue to work tirelessly to provide an exemplar environment to support and develop national exports and contribute to achieving one of the pillars of Bahrain's Economic Vision 2030)."


Managing Director at Chocolate & Co. Hazem Janahi expressed his gratitude for the ongoing collaboration with Export Bahrain.


He emphasized the active role played to guarantee the expansion of the factory locally and regionally, which has helped in making the factory a major player in supplying to all different markets, which reflects directly on increasing the production and products exported.


The support is a part of Export Bahrain's larger strategy to maintain and strengthen the solutions designed to boost national exports, identify new prospects, and facilitate the path to international markets.