Arab League chief condemns Houthi escalation

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Cairo, Mar. 8 (BNA): The Secretary-General of the Arab League Ahmed Aboul Gheit has condemned Houthi attacks with missiles and drones on the territories of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, stressing that the Houthi escalation, which targeted the largest oil shipping port in the world, endangers energy flows.


In a statement today, Aboul Gheit affirmed that the international community is required to place greater pressure on Houthis and those who support and stand behind them, Saudi Press Agency (SPA) reported.


The Secretary-General of the League expressed his confidence in the Kingdom's ability to defend its lands, stressing that those who are paying the price for this escalation being fueled and driven by Tehran are the Yemeni people who are suffering from the continuation of the war and its humanitarian crisis, which has become the most dangerous one in the world.


Aboul Gheit referred to the danger and recklessness of the Iranian policy at the current stage, explaining that what Tehran aims to improve its negotiating position with this escalation may turn against it, and that the military escalation destroys confidence between parties and makes it difficult to enter into a serious negotiation process.