HRH Premier receives ‘delegation of peace’

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Manama, Sept. 12 (BNA): While receiving a delegation of former Nobel Peace Prize laureates, His Royal Highness Prime Minister Prince Khalifa bin Salman Al Khalifa stressed that global changes are evolving more rapidly than ever.

HRH Premier noted that the events that used to be far from the region and had limited impact on it now constitute a serious threat to its security and an obstacle to its development, hence the need for strengthening complementarity and reaching peace that would secure the requirements of development and focus efforts on achieving it.

The Prime Minister expressed delight at the visit of the "delegation of peace" to the Kingdom of Bahrain, describing it as a high-level appreciation of the country’s efforts in supporting everything aimed at achieving good for the entire humanity and promoting stability and peace worldwide.

HRH Premier expressed appreciation for the high-profile delegation’s visit, noting that its importance stems from the fact that it is consistent with the kingdom’s pro-peace goals.

Members of the "delegation of peace" affirmed that while the Government of Bahrain, led by HRH Premier, has succeeded in overcoming the security and economic challenges, many countries with more potentials, have failed, voicing admiration for the government’s development achievements, success in its approach on investing in human resources, and remarkable interest in childhood through the provision of all child rights. 

HRH Premier made the statements while receiving, at the Gudaibiya Palace today, a high-level delegation of former Nobel Peace Prize laureates, who greeted him in the end of their visit to Bahrain.

The Prime Minister welcomed the delegation’s visit to Bahrain, voicing deep pride in its noble goals reflecting the kingdom’s status as a country that calls for peace and believes in the importance of contributing effectively to international efforts to promoting it.

HRH Premier saluted the members of the delegation for reminding the International Community of its responsibilities towards pushing peace efforts in the world forward, stressing that the experiences that the "Men of Peace" had had in their countries to strengthen the pillars of security, stability and peace, and for which they deserved the Nobel Peace Prize, are examples of the ability to achieve peace in the modern world. 

HRH Premier affirmed Bahrain’s deep pride in hosting an elite of international political figures with major contributions to strengthening the pillars of peace in their home countries and societies, and who dedicated their noble humanitarian efforts to serving peace and security across the world. 

Bahrain is a land of peace, love and co-existence, and the visit of the "Men of Peace" to it will strengthen its resolve and determination to back all international efforts seeking to achieve peace, security and stability, and to continue working with its international partners for the sake of a stable world in which everyone feels safe and secure at all levels, he said.

HRH the Prime Minister pointed out that the high-level delegation’s visit reflected Bahrain’s distinguished status and progress at all levels, extending thanks and appreciation to the members of the delegation for their positive impressions and stances in support of Bahrain’s development efforts.

Then, HRH Premier received an appreciation certificate from the Nobel Peace Prize 2104 winner, Kailash Satyarthi, who lauded his efforts in achieving political, economic and social development in the kingdom, as well as his constant interest in consolidating the values of peace, co-existence and love among the members of the Bahraini society. 

Kailash Satyarthi asserted that HRH Premier’s development approach has benefited all social categories, particularly children, youth and women, which, he said, embodies the Premier’s wisdom and status as a leader with distinguished values and virtues."

He affirmed that "HRH Premier’s efforts converge with the global efforts to promote children’s gains and rights." 

The 2014 Nobel Peace Prize laureate indicated that the government’s huge spending on education, health, social protection, among other fields, reflect the main features of HRH Premier’s leadership approach, and entitle Bahrain to be a role model for wisely using its resources to achieve sustainable development goals. 

He emphasised that the major strides made by Bahrain would protect children and the coming generations, and show to the world that the country’s leadership has laid down solid foundations for development, and made Bahrain a role model for nation-building and leadership.

Kailash Satyarthi extended congratulations to HRH Premier for his "praiseworthy" efforts regarding the education of children, empowerment of women and achievement of equality among all Bahrainis from all religions and races.

Former South African President, Frederick William de Klerk, lauded the achievements attained by Bahrain in the fields of health, education, housing and others, thanks to the efforts of the government, led by HRH the Prime Minister. 

"We have learned from what Bahrain has done and what its wise administration is doing in building a nation and an advanced society," he said.

The 1993 Nobel Peace Prize winner also stressed that the kingdom has adopted the nation-building as an approach, and has made quantum leaps through overcoming all challenges and establishing model cities, as well as health and educational facilities. 

Former President of Poland, Lech Walesa, expressed pleasure at visiting Bahrain, noting that they have discovered, through their meetings with HRH Premier and Bahraini citizens from various groups, distinguished human values that other peoples should adopt, citing co-existence.

Members of the delegation expressed heartfelt thanks and appreciation to HRH the Prime Minister and the Kingdom of Bahrain for the gracious welcome accorded to them during the visit in which they were informed closely about the reality of the Bahraini society, which is based on love and co-existence among all its members.

They lauded HRH Premier’s visions and belief in the need for stepping up international cooperation in order to promote peace, and eradicate all its causes of conflicts that have exhausted the potentials of many countries and peoples.

"HRH Premier is among the international figures who deserve every respect and appreciation, not only for his achievements for the sake of the Kingdom of Bahrain, but also for his visions and stances that seek to promote security and stability throughout the whole world," they said.

Members of the high-profile delegation affirmed that their visit has showcased to the world the advanced level of development and modernity reached by Bahrain, as reflected in its multiple development and urban projects.


BNA 1529 GMT 2018/09/12