EWA calls on customers to join Fixed Billing System

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Manama, Aug. 16 (BNA): The Electricity and Water Authority (EWA) has called on customers to avail of the “Fixed Billing System” for electricity and water bills, noting that it is the best means to manage their expenses by paying a fixed amount per month representing the actual average consumption in the months prior to their subscription to the system.


EWA indicated that subscribing to the fixed billing payment system for electricity and water bills ensures that the electricity service is not disconnected even when the actual consumption value exceeds the value of the fixed amount, as long as the subscriber is committed to paying the fixed amount.


It added that the system will help subscribers to allocate a specific budget for the electricity and water services In anticipation of any increase in the rate of electricity consumption during the summer period, as they will pay a fixed amount throughout the year without feeling the increase in the bill resulting from the high rate of consumption during the summer period.


Concerning the details of the service, EWA explained that there will be a real meter reading on a monthly basis as usual, and the invoice will be issued indicating the actual consumption and the value to be paid, while the subscriber will pay the fixed amount only throughout the year.


Customers may subscribe by choosing “PAYING BY FIXED Billing System” and filling forms available on Electricity and Water Authority website. They may also contact EWA’s round-the-clock Call Centre on 17515555.


The subscription period in the system is for 12 months, starting from the date of subscription and automatically renewed unless the subscriber requests its cancellation.


At the end of the 12 months, the difference between the actual bill and the amount paid is calculated. If the amount paid is more than the billed amount, the surplus is used as credit in the subscriber’s account, and in instances where the amount paid is short, then the remaining amount is transferred to the following year’s balance and paid in installments.