NCC chief participates in Diplomatic Forum 2023

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Manama, Jan. 18 (BNA): Chief Executive Officer of the National Communication Centre (NCC), Yusuf Mohammed Al-Binkhalil, has participated in the Diplomatic Forum 2023, in the presence of heads of diplomatic and consular missions abroad, and senior Foreign Ministry’s officials.

NCC chief congratulated the Foreign Ministry’s diplomats and officials on the Bahrain Diplomatic Day, valuing highly their remarkable and commendable efforts to take care of the kingdom’s interests and represent it locally and abroad. He also praised the cooperation of the kingdom’s diplomatic missions and consulates abroad with NCC.

Al=Binkhalil gave a presentation about the government communication system in which he reviewed the institutional development of the NCC since its establishment in 2016, in addition to its strategic tasks, namely unifying government media discourse, achieving excellence in communication among all government agencies and highlighting the government’s priorities.

He indicated that the government communication system is multi-lateral, whereby media coordination takes place between the NCC and government institutions, Bahrain’s diplomatic missions, and other partners.

He highlighted NCC’s most prominent roles and responsibilities, such as strategic media planning, media crisis management, media training, building relationships with local and foreign media, developing government digital presence, and supporting government initiatives, stressing the keenness of the National Communication Centre to continue providing all forms of media support for the kingdom’s missions and consulates abroad.

During the meeting, means to enhance media cooperation and coordination between NCC and the Kingdom’s diplomatic missions abroad in order to achieve common goals were discussed.

Heads of diplomatic and consular missions also delivered statements and asked questions about topics related to communication and media affairs.

NCC chief answered the questions and commented on the attendees’ statements.