Inmates to serve alternative penalties

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Manama, Apr. 2 (BNA): Assistant Attorney General, Chancellor Wael Buallay, said within the framework of continuous evaluation of the inmates’ conditions at the Reformation and Rehabilitation Centre to extend enforcement of the Alternative Penalties and Procedures Law, the Public Prosecution has received a number of applications from the Interior Ministry’s Sentence Execution Directorate to study changing the jailing sentences of a number of inmates who meet the legal requirements.


The Public Prosecution conducted a study on the inmates’ conditions which showed eligibility of 126 male and female convicts to benefit from the law. Consequently, the judge in charge of carrying out the sentence ruled to replace the jailing verdict with the alternative penalties for a period equal to the remaining imprisonment sentence one.


So far, a total of 3224 convicts have benefited from the alternative penalties. The Sentence Execution Directorate, in coordination with the Public Prosecution, is currently working on the preparation of the needed legal and security study to benefit other inmates from the new law after meeting the required conditions.


In this context, the Assistant Attorney General commended the royal directives to extend enforcement of the Alternative Penalties and Procedures Law, taking into consideration the personal and family conditions of the convicts as well as humanitarian reasons. He stressed that the royal directives reflect the national will to anchor the provisions of the new law according to the goals for which it was issued so as to further enhance the kingdom’s leading status at the legislative and judicial level.