Bahrain press headlines

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Manama, May 4 (BNA): Bahrain dailies issued today focused in their principal headlines on the main local, Arab and international events which happened over the past 24 hours. The following is a round-up of the main topics:

-     HM the King exchanges Eid Al-Fitr congratulations with Saudi Crown Prince.

-     HM the King delivers a message marking World Press Freedom Day.

-     HM the King congratulates Polish President on Constitution Day.

-     Speaker: HM the King is the first supporter of press freedom.

-     Shura Chairman: HM the King's development march consolidated freedom of expression and opinion.

-     Information Minister: HM the King’s directives enhanced press and media institutions’ achievements.

-     Works Minister inspects General Poultry Company’s expansion projects.

-     HM the King’s message on World Press Freedom Day hailed by lawmakers.

-     BJA praises HM the King’s message on World Press Freedom Day.

-     Arab Parliament: Free press is essential for societies’ progress.

-     Yemen voices support for efforts to ensure truce success.

-     Five killed in suicide attack on African Union camp in Somalia.

-     Mali's Military Council cancels defence agreements with France.