Shura Council to discuss draft law amending internal regulations

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Manama, Jan. 28 (BNA): The Shura Council, in its sixth session in the first session of the sixth legislative term, to be held tomorrow, will discuss the report of the Public Utilities and Environment Committee regarding Decree-Law No. (32) of 2022 amending some provisions of decree-laws regarding the organization of buildings, urban planning and the division of lands intended for reconstruction and development.

The decree-law aims to enable each minister to carry out his duties, supervise his ministry, and implement the government's general policy in it, in application of Article (48/a) of the Constitution and according to the issuance of Royal Decree No. (25) of the year 2022 AD regarding a ministerial reshuffle, this resulted in the restructuring of a number of ministries by separating them.

Among those ministries is the Ministry of Works, Municipalities Affairs and Urban Planning, which is separated into three ministries, so that works affairs became a ministry of its own, municipal affairs merged with agriculture, and urban planning merged with housing.

Therefore, it was necessary to define the terms of reference between the mentioned ministries, so that each minister could direct his duties and supervising the affairs of his ministry, without overlapping in the competences between the ministries.

In addition to being able to read each of the Building Regulation Law promulgated by Legislative Decree (13) of 1977 and Legislative Decree (2) of 1994 regarding urban planning and Decree Law No. (3) of 1994 regarding dividing lands intended for reconstruction and development clearly without any ambiguity.

In the same session, the Council will also consider the report of the Legislative and Legal Affairs Committee regarding the proposed law to amend some provisions of Decree-Law (55) of 2002 regarding the internal regulations of the Shura Council.

The proposed law aims to achieve the goal of the constitutional legislator, by unifying the common procedural provisions of the legislative authority in both the Shura and the Representatives Councils by proposing the amendments made by Decree-Law (38) of 2022 amending some provisions of Decree-Law (54) of 2002 regarding the internal regulations of the Representatives Council.

The Decree-Law (55) of 2002 will be included in the internal regulations of the Shura Council, so that similar competencies between the two councils are governed by unified rules.