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BICI recommendation objectives achieved
01 : 48 PM - 09/05/2016
Manama, May 9 (BNA): Professor M. Cherif Bassiouni, who chaired the Bahrain Independent Commission of Inquiry (BICI), said that the formation of the BICI was a landmark in the history of commissions, and that the commissioners were among the foremost international authorities on human rights and humanitarian law who were highly recognized for their competence and independence.
They were able to achieve their work and to draw on the full and unconditional cooperation of the government and all competent authorities, resulting in a report that was well received locally and internationally, which is a testimony to the bold and wise decision by HM King Hamad to set up the commission, Professor Bassiouni added.
The report released in November 2011 included several recommendations that the Government worked diligently on implementing.

Professor Bassiouni said that, during this visit, he was informed of the latest developments concerning the implementation of the recommendations of the Commission and appeared to him that the Government implemented the recommendations on reinstating the students to their universities and the employees in to their previous employment, and that the injured and victims received financial compensation without prejudice to their right to resort to competent civil courts; moreover, a Special Investigation Unit was established in the Office of the Public Prosecution, and the establishment of an office of Inspector General in the National Security Agency, as well as an the Ombudsman Office and retrials for those who were convicted before the National Safety Courts; and the punishment of transgressors; and changes in certain laws such as the Code of Criminal Procedures and Criminal Code; the training of police officers, judges, public prosecutors; and the regularization of condition of places of worship.

Professor Bassiouni added that the Government had adopted additional measures that included the establishment of the Prisoners and Detainees Rights Commission in order to protect them and guarantee there are no abuses.
All the measures taken by Bahrain indicate that serious efforts had been exerted to overcome the events of 2011, he added.

Professor Bassiouni said that the Government undertook the development of the necessary measures and programmes to enhance national cohesion between all components of the Bahraini society and to improve the capabilities of the security services.

Professor Bassiouni added, during this visit, he was briefed with respect to several security reports which were not available in 2011 when the BICI was preparing its report and which indicate the existence of interference by regional foreign parties.

He added that Bahrain has emerged from a difficult period, and that the Government has dealt with the events through an integrated system of reforms and efficient actions that led to overcome the 2011 events in light of new conditions and variables in the region.

He said that Bahrain was moving forward with reforms, which prompts the statement that the objectives of the BICI recommendations have been achieved, and that the main guarantee to maintain and build upon what has been achieved is a continuation of the reforms project launched by HM the King.

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